Don’t Give Up!

So Lent starts today and some people think about what they will give up during that period. Instead of giving up things like chocolate or wine, how about giving up some of these? No, not pancakes….these:
* Not planning for your next career move (PPPPPP)
* Thinking that you are not as good as other candidates in Civvy Street (I never cease to be amazed by the high calibre of my ex mil clients)
* Not selling what you have to offer over and above other candidates (What makes you different?)
* Using a scatter gun approach to the job search process (Know your target and get a plan to achieve it)
* Taking advice from anyone and everyone about what a good CV looks like, instead of people who can really help you (Confused? You will be!)
* Hanging on every word of people offering buckets of free advice who have no real track record and some kind of ulterior motive (Oh yes folks, beware of those bearing gifts)
* Not preparing well enough for interviews and working on all the areas which could easily earn you extra brownie points (You’ve got this, you just need a little bit of structure and a confidence boost)
Believe in yourself, don’t sell yourself short, listen to the right people and plan well my friends.
Military Career Transition